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Drop deck container delivery trailers for use with a semi tractor truck move 20' and 40' high cube containers chain drive


The original trailers that started it all. Chain drive container delivery trailers make moving containers fast, efficient, & easy. Move 20', 40' high cube, 45' containers, and even equipment!

No need to tilt your trailer up high and rely on gravity. Use the chain drive to place your containers with finesse.

Hauling containers with your semi truck has never been easier.

CDU 49

drop deck Small container delivery trailer with chain drive for semi tractor truck high cubes and bigger chain drive

The first of it's kind. The original chain drive container delivery trailer.

Move two 20' containers at once, one 40' high cube, and your equipment if needed.

CDU 53

drop deck Container delivery trailer for semi tractor truck move empty containers with no overhang chain drive

Larger than the CDU 49, but still a tight unit. No overhang when moving two 20's or one 40' high cube.

Easily move containers of all sizes with your semi truck, with no overhang. This is a great trailer for when you have some load in the containers.


Loaded container delivery trailer semi tractor truck drop deck 20 and 40 foot high cubes no overhang chain drive

The best option for moving loaded containers. Move two loaded 20' containers or a 40' high cube.

A similar design to the standard CDU 53, but with heavier components to be able to handle heavier loads.


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