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Heavy equipment trailer with chain drive winch can move loaded containers 20 40 53 foot high cubes heavy haul


Heavy Haul trailers are built with loaded containers and heavy equipment in mind. With 35 and 50 ton capacity models you will be able to say yes to any job.

Designed for equipment these trailers are extremely durable. Fabricated steel beams make up the skeleton of these two heavy capacity trailers. Multiple winch locations, sliding axles, and our chain drive make these trailers the easiest way to handle just about anything.

These trailers are highly customizable. If you can think of an option you want that we don't have, tell us! We can get it done.

ERU 53 HD - 50 TON GVW

Heavy duty tri axle equipment tilt deck trailer 100,000 lb GVW chain drive for containers 20 40 53 foot

ERU 53 - 35 TON GVW

Heavy equipment tandem axle trailer with tilt deck and chain drive for containers 20 40 53 foot loaded


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