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Goosneck container delivery trailers that can move 20' and 40' high cube containers chain drive


Do you have a pickup truck? Do you move containers or light equipment?
Chain drive container delivery trailers make moving containers fast, efficient, & easy. Move 20', 40', high cube containers and more with the pickup truck you already drive. 

You don't need to maintain a big truck to compete with the big guys anymore.

CDU 24

20 foot goosneck container delivery trailer for a pickup truck chain drive

The perfect trailer to move 20' containers.

Whether you're jumping into the container sales or leasing industry or you're a veteran in the business, this is the best trailer to deliver 20's.

CDU 39

goosneck Container delivery trailer for a pickup that can move 20 and 40 foot containers chain drive

The perfect blend of efficiency, size, and accessibility

Move two 20' containers at once, one 40' high cube, and your equipment if needed. All with just your pickup truck!


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